Top Tips to Prevent Flooding

How bad can it get if your house is flooded? Consider these insurance industry statistics – just one inch of water loose in a home can inflict more than $8,000 in water damage and nine inches raises the total damage to above $18,000.

Of course, there’s no figure available for the priceless family possessions that might be ruined, too.

While you can’t do much about water inundation from outdoor sources like a hurricane or overflowing river, indoor causes are more predictable. Check out our top tips below to prevent indoor flooding in your home and watch Rytech Nashville’s owner, Robert Pick, attest to his team’s guarantee.

  • Turn off the water at your property!
  • Lower indoor temperatures to less than 70 degrees F to minimize mold growth.
  • Shut off electricity in affected areas – ONLY if it is safe. When circuit breakers are in a flooded area, contact your utility company.
  • If flooding is unsanitary, avoid health risks from sewage backups by staying out of flooded areas and letting the experts take over.
  • If it is clean water, use caution and move possessions from flooded areas or elevate furniture when possible to dry parts of the property.
  • Avoid trying to dewater flooded areas with household equipment. Water removal is a job for the pros. Wait for professional help to arrive.
  • For prompt, friendly, professional service, call Rytech Nashville right away! We will dispatch a technician to your property to evaluate the situation and recommend a course of action.
  • Call Your Insurance Company or Agent – Rytech Nashville works closely with local, regional, and national insurance companies. Tell them you want Rytech Nashville to handle your water damage.
  • Contact a plumber or roofer to stop further flooding.

In the event your home or property suffers water damage, we know you need fast, efficient help right away no matter the day or time. Rytech Nashville offers customers rapid response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all types of water-related damage. For more information, call us at (615) 751-8445.