Rytech Nashville Shares Water Damage Restoration Tools and Best Practices

Storm damage and plumbing problems are difficult to deal with, say the experts in water damage restoration at Nashville’s Rytech. But aside from a mess, water can leave behind a host of issues that the average homeowner isn’t equipped to handle.


Mold is a top concern, and one the CDC reports can trigger a variety of health effects in sensitive people. People with mold allergies, and especially young children and the elderly, can suffer from chronic upper respiratory tract discomfort when continually exposed to mold. Those with compromised immune systems, such as people with COPD, may experience significant lung infections when in contact with high concentrations of airborne mold spores. It is important to note that mold is everywhere all the time. Residential water damage, however, instigates active growth and sends potentially toxic spores flying through the air.


Even though certain people are more at risk, otherwise healthy individuals may develop asthma-like symptoms, including wheezing, coughing, and nasal stuffiness. Early mold exposure may even contribute to asthma development in children later in life. The only way to minimize the issue is via mold remediation (aka “mold removal”). In Nashville, this can be tough since the summers are hot and humid, and the winters are often mild and wet.


Speaking of humidity, Rytech's water damage restoration specialists in Nashville can help with that, too. When a pipe leaks or rain comes in through the roof, water can get into places that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Even if things look dry, the extra moisture in the air can create a humid environment. Wood floors are prone to damage caused by humidity. Wood is porous and absorbs water particles, it then expands, leaving the floors permanently warped and bowed. The best way to prevent this is through timely water damage restoration, and, in Nashville, this is urgent since water can damage Music City's homeowners most prized possessions, such as musical guitars and drums. Coverage for some water damage is conditional, depending on the circumstances In these cases, it's best to consult with a professional public adjuster service such as Integral Adjusters LLC.

HVAC and insulation damage

After a water intrusion event, it is crucial to check the condition of HVAC ductwork and attic and wall insulation. Sitting water can not only cause mold in these areas but can also trigger wood rot if waterlogged insulation material remains in contact with hard surfaces. When in the ductwork, water damage can deteriorate an HVAC’s unit ability to effectively circulate air throughout the home. Further, the property may have a lingering musty odor that is more noticeable as the unit runs. It is not just major water intrusion that causes problems either. Small leaks in the roof can lead to the need for water damage restoration. Nashville is known for sudden storms and tornado activity in the spring and summer, so homeowners should check for these types of issues at the beginning and end of each season.

Water migration

Water Damage Restoration Nashville

Damage, rot, and mold growth is not limited to areas that make direct initial contact with moisture. Preventing mold remediation in Nashville, also means checking that water has not migrated to hidden areas, such as under floorboards or into the wall. Moisture here, especially during the hot and sticky summers of the south, can spread throughout the home, often without showing evidence of damage until it is too late. Water restoration specialists from Rytech stress that water damage does not have to be visible to be harmful.

When damage happens

Because of the potential adverse health effects of mold, homeowners are encouraged to identify water intrusion and quickly begin the process of mold removal and remediation. Nashville’s Rytech is available 24/7 and employs the area’s most experienced IICRC-certified technicians. This ensures that service providers are fully up-to-date on water damage cleaning standards including environmental assessment and decontamination.

Once a homeowner contacts Rytech Nashville, they will be matched with a specialist who will provide an on-site assessment and make recommendations on how to reverse the damage. The technician will explain to the homeowner their findings during the water damage inspection and answer any questions regarding service and timeline. Once work begins, the site will be monitored and evaluated daily for both progress and structural integrity. No project is complete until it is deemed “Rytech Dry” by the project manager.

Rytech appreciates that every situation is different and does not base its fees on national price guides, but on actual services performed. This saves the homeowner and, if applicable, their insurance company on unnecessary demolition. Rytech is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and takes pride in getting their clients back to normal as soon as possible.

For more information about water damage restoration or mold remediation in Nashville, contact Rytech at 615.751.8445.