Professional Water Damage Restoration in Nashville TN: When Is It Necessary?

If water damage occurs in your house, is restoration by qualified water damage restoration professionals always necessary?

Water damage can range from relatively minor events to widespread and extreme. In certain cases, property owners need to respond quickly to address the water damage but there are incidents that require professional water damage restoration work. These depend on factors such as:

Amount of water

If the volume of water does not exceed a small pool on a hard surface floor and has not spread to a wider area, a cleanup operation with mops and fans may be sufficient.  

If the water has already seeped through baseboards and has spread into other rooms, or has dripped through ceilings into rooms below, professional water damage restoration is a must. A saturated carpet is often an indicator that expert water damage restoration is required.

Water source

Professional water damage restoration is necessary if the water came from contaminated sources like an overflowing washing machine or toilet, or a sewage backup. Floodwater is likewise considered toxic and requires emergency water damage restoration work handled by properly equipped and trained personnel.

Duration of the water damage

Call a professional water damage repair company like Rytech Nashville if the water damage has been left unattended for more than 48 hours; you might even need a mold remediation specialist by then as the water-damaged area is already conducive to mold growth. Active mold growth requires sanitizing affected surfaces and building materials and preventing the spread of contamination throughout the entire house; this task is best handled by licensed mold remediators.

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