Q&A: How Do You Prevent Summer Mold Growth?

Hot, humid summers provide the right environment for mold growth. Mold remediation can often require a specialist like Rytech Nashville and could be more expensive; so it’s best to prevent mold growth before it starts.

With summer fast approaching, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about mold growth and best practices for prevention.

Q: How can cleaning and disinfecting your home prevent mold growth?

A: Mold feeds on dirt and moisture, so it’s important to keep surfaces clean and dry at all times.  Focus on areas prone to mold growth such as your bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, attic, walls, and ceilings. Make it a habit to remove any standing water as soon as possible.

Fabric surfaces are likewise susceptible to mold growth and should be thoroughly washed and dried.

Aside from having a regular cleaning schedule, schedule regular maintenance checks. Look for possible sources of moisture like busted pipes and leaking roofs; repair these immediately if they are found. Your HVAC system should be inspected by a pro every 6 months, or at least once a year.

Q: How can you keep relative indoor humidity manageable?

A: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the ideal indoor humidity level should be somewhere between 30% and 50% to prevent mold growth. A hygrometer helps monitor the relative humidity level inside your home.

Hot showers, cooking, and the warmer summer air all release moisture that adds to your home’s humidity. Turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower and in the kitchen while you’re cooking.  Other steps you can follow to keep humidity levels at bay include running a humidifier, covering dirt floors in crawl spaces with a plastic vapor barrier, sealing air and duct leaks, keeping air conditioning drip pans dry, and adding houseplants that absorb moisture in the air like ferns.

Q: What’s the ideal indoor temperature for your home?

A: You might see a spike in your utility bill, but setting your thermostat within 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit makes it more difficult for mold to grow. Mold grows best between 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceiling fans are a more affordable option for keeping your A/C on all the time. Open all interior doors to improve air circulation, which in turn will keep your home cool.

Mold infestations can cause property damage - and even pose severe health risks -  throughout the year. Signs of mold growth to look out for include a noticeably musty odor, peeling wallpaper, dark-colored spots on walls, and allergies that just won’t go away. If you notice any of these, get in touch with a mold remediation professional immediately.

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