Keep Your Family and Property Safe During Nashville’s Storm Season. Here’s How

Rainfall can be refreshing after a particularly hot stretch. However, one can also have too much of a good thing; heavy downpours throughout the year can lead to water intrusion problems. Flooding, for example, causes severe damage to homes and businesses across the country. Ask mold remediation company, Rytech Nashville, and they will tell you that they remain busy all throughout the year.

So what do you do to stay safe and dry when storms are brewing on the horizon? Here are a few tips from Rytech Nashville:

Monitor weather conditions closely.

It is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of weather conditions so you can prepare accordingly. Heed the advice of local authorities; if they ask residents to seek shelter as a safety precaution, then do so.

Prepare your home or property in Nashville for potential water damage.

Here are some to-do’s to include in your checklist:

  • Elevate low-lying furniture and equipment outside your property; move them inside if possible.
  • Shut off the electricity if systems and outlets could possibly be underwater.
  • Elevate electronic devices such as computers and entertainment systems.
  • Roll up area rugs and get them off the floor to prevent mold and mildew.

Keep in mind that you can only do so much to protect your home or property; don’t stick around and put yourself in danger should serious flooding take place. Water damage, however severe, can always be resolved through water removal and mold remediation. Your health and safety should always be the top priority.

Teamwork makes the plan work.

Gather family members and discuss all potential scenarios. Make sure each one of you has access to basic supplies (food, first aid kit, clothing) and knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Do not return to your home unless it’s safe enough to do so.

Unfortunately, it may not be safe to enter a property that has experienced water intrusion even if the weather has considerably improved. If you live close to one of Middle Tennessee’s numerous creeks and streams, more water may be on the way, and this can cause flash floods. Once the immediate danger has passed, contact your utility company or an electrician to disconnect power before you step foot on the property to survey the damage.

Take photos of the damage for insurance purposes. Use fans or dehumidifiers to ventilate and dry out interior spaces. Remove standing water and any water-damaged materials and call a water damage restoration professional immediately.

Rytech Nashville offers mold remediation and water damage restoration services and is fully equipped to respond after an emergency. Contact us anytime, day or night, for more information or to discuss your next steps.

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