April Showers Bring Mold

It’s no doubt that spring brings out the beauty in Tennessee - sunshine, warm temperatures, flowers. But, on the other hand, our warm, humid climate represents two of the three conditions that generate mold growth, particularly in the most mold-prone areas of the house: the crawl space and the attic. So how can you prepare and what can you do?

  • Check the crawl space.  After a long season of rains and/or melting snow, your crawl space is likely damp - very damp.  This ongoing moisture, plus darkness and the increasing spring temperatures, provides ideal conditions for mold growth. When inspecting, make sure you:
    • Ensure all vents are wide open and unobstructed to allow ventilation and promote drying.
  • Inspect the attic. Roof leaks during seasonal rains can produce attic mold growth. Its exposed wooden structure also creates cellulose that nourishes mold. Keep in mind that roof leaks into the attic may not become apparent in your living spaces below for some time, so visual inspection is required. When inspecting, look out for:
    • Signs of roof leakage such as dark spots or streaks on the sub-roof
    • Discoloration of attic insulation
    • Attic fans - they should all be open and unobstructed

If May comes and instead of flowers you find Crawl Space Mold Removal, don’t panic! Reach out to me and one of my professional team members and mold experts can be out to your residence or building promptly. Until then, happy spring!

- Robert Pick
Owner, Rytech Nashville